Use discussion of Joan Retallack's poem as a HTML flipbook as an example of the final work product, and give student the poem, Icarus Ffffalling in a visual format. (Will be curious to ask how many students like reading the text.)

I imagine teaching this to computer programmers in a class called Poetry for Non-Lit Majors. (I took plenty of Physics for Non-Science Majors - and wonder if schools still this? And, if have they added Lit for Non-Lit Majors classes or does no one in the sciences care??)

The lesson - before we look at the poem, let's research Icarus. We get some myth, Bruegel's painting and discuss any present-day Icarus, as suggested on the cover page of the poem.

The assignment for this class is going to be to visualize this poem on the web, with all the programming skills the students currently have, and then we look at the .pdf version of the poem together.

Open with an open question like: what's the poet's workflow? Most everyone is on their phone (it's a continuing ed class at night), but someone looks at the resources list at the end of the poem and figures out that Retallack used a lot of found text. I purposely avoided talking about any meaning in the poem. Who (and why) will be the first to bring up meaning, if I, as the poetry enthusiast, refrain.

Then we look at what the poetry enthusiasts at modPo thought by flipping through my attempt at visualizing this poem.

These students will be jazzed to start coding, but the big question that they might not even know to ask is 'What information would you, students, put in your poem?"

Outcomes (Surely, students will want something for their efforts, and I will want to be accountable)