Our I Ching for November 5, 2020

Random Hexagram Generator gave us #35 for November 5, 2020.

35: Progress >


A twofold idea is set forth here. The actual effect of the progress emanates from a man who is in a dependent position and whom the others regard as their equal and are therefore willing to follow. This leader has enough clarity of vision not to abuse his great influence but to use it rather for the benefit of his ruler. His ruler in turn is free of all jealousy, showers presents on the great man, and invites him continually to his court. An enlightened ruler and an obedient servant. This is the condition on which great progress depends.


Guai (Succeeding) Action: Enlighten

Brightness comes up above the earth, progress. The noble one displays his bright character himself.

The situation is one of easy, natural progress. What has been weak is ascending, and by gaining a prominent position, will become more powerful. One image here is the light of the rising sun, which at first appears dimly through the mists. But this same light will radiate with powerful clarity once the sun has reached its high position in the sky.

Progress is made when those in supporting positions make peace with those in leadership, and in so doing, create a natural means for their talents and abilities to become more visible. It is by recognizing and riding with the natural course of events—by hitching our wagon to the rising sun, as it were—that we advance our position and earn respect..

Goodness in human nature is like the dim but beautiful early morning light. However, just as the morning light can be swallowed by the fog, greed, hatred, and other forms of self-absorption can obscure this goodness. Be reminded that progress is achieved most effortlessly when right action is taken without concern for immediate reward, and when the path of the weaker aligns with that which is strong.


"Radical unknowability is the only constant."

- Joan Retallack


Hu Gua (hidden influence) 39 Obstruction: Innovate


... the whole methodological landscape has been changing since the beginning of the twentieth century with the introduction of the constituting observer. Sciences of complexity have altered our sense of the 'essential' simplicity and rationality of all things. There i still pattern, but it's in dynamic interaction with an enormous field of unpredictable elements. Chaos theory has brought turbulence and chance into the foreground of how we understand the conditions in which we actually live. I suppose that's what it comes down to for me, real means connected with everyday life as we experience it.

- Joan Retallack


From Divination on Hex #35

When a person possesses great power with an ability to sense the seeds of genius in others, expansion is assured. The hidden influence of Obstruction becomes a lesson in innovation, where obstacles are simply opportunities to learn and grow stronger. The underlying patience developed through Nourishment While Waiting now allows for an opening where you can apply your expanded consciousness. If you are feeling stuck, all that is required is a shift in consciousness. The idea of not striving but simply doing is at play.

To regard all things as one, is to be a companion of Nature.

- Chuang Tzus


Zong Gua (underlying cause) 5 Nourishment While Waiting: Patience

Hexagram 35 is named (jin), prospering. Other variations include progress and aquas. Its inner trigram is field = earth, and its outer trigram is radiance = fire.

This hexagram is complementary to hex.5. In 35 one picks up everything one can make use of, 5 is about waiting, but as a verb, actively waiting for what one needs.

Breadsticks - from the Great Britsh Baking Show : Season 2

Making bread takes a long time. Start some dough now, and watch it rise, punch it down. Eventually you will get some news that the bread is ready to form, and you can divide it in half. Add flavor to each half. Pictured is hot red chili and salty anchovy. Roll out the dough very thin. Then twist together on bit of each flavor. Let rise - patience - again. Bake when doubled in size in a hot oven.

An easily won victory should not be taken for granted or treated lightly.


Progress No. 35 of the I Ching is the hexagram for Us November 5, 2020.
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